PUBG Mobile 0.14.5 update leaks: New additions in Season 9, New weapon and Vehicles


PUBG Mobile 0.14.5 update leaks:

The Season 8 of PUBG Mobile is going to end in a few days. While the last week of this season has almost come, the speculations about the next Season which is Season 9 are in the air in full swing. The 9th Season of PUBG Mobile is expected to hit the servers on 12 or 13th of September. The 0.14.5 update of the popular Battle Royale game will bring the much awaited new season. Some interesting additions are going to be seen in this upcoming update as well. We would get a new weapon, a new sight and two new vehicles in the upcoming PUBG Mobile update. Let’s have a detailed look-

Popular YouTuber Mr. Ghost Gaming released some videos on the new items of the upcoming update. As per the video, we may witness a brand new outfit in the upcoming season which is a grey and blue hoodie paired with black and blue pants and boots. A new season 9 Parachute skin will also be available for the players who will achieve Ace tier.

 Some new weapon finishes will also be seen in the upcoming season. Some of them will be the Season 9 Royale Pass rewards. As per report, we will get new finishes of Kar98K, SKS, M16A4 and UZI. That’s exciting, isn’t it?

The update is probably going to focus on the Vikendi Map a little more as it is going to bring a Vikendi based new weapon and Vikendi exclusive vehicles. In the new update the players will witness the launch of a new weapon namely the MP5K Submachine Gun, Canted Sight, Snowbike and Zima vehicles. There is also the possibility of a new mode to come.

  • The new weapon MP5K falls in the category of Submachine Guns (SMG) and uses 9mm ammunition. It will be available exclusively in the Vikendi Map and will replace Vector there.
  • A new sight for the guns named Canted Sight will also be introduced in the new update. Interestingly you can equip it with a secondary scope.
  • A new and exclusive vehicle called Zima will replace the UAZs in Vikendi. This vehicle will be much easier to drive on the snow in Vikendi compared to other vehicles.
  • The much awaited Snowbike is finally going to come in Vikendi which will replace the motorcycles in that map. It will move comparatively fast on the snowy terrain of Vikendi.
  • As per the leaks, a new Vikendi based survival mode may also come with the new update. As the report says, in this mode the players will have to hunt animals and birds and build fires to survive.

We will bring more exciting details to you soon. Stay Tuned.

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