Top 5 features of the PUBG Mobile 0.14.0 update: New Infection Mode, Pirate theme and more


Top 5 features of the PUBG Mobile 0.14.0 update

The latest update of the Battle Royale prodigy PUBG Mobile has hit the deck almost a week ago. This 0.14.0 update brings a lot of new features including a brand new event mode, fully refurbished lobby, new pirate theme and new and exciting items like themed attires and weapon finishes. The developers also gave the confirmation of some bug fixes in this update, though the actual result of that is yet to be seen. The update has also brought restocked season 8 items. The most remarkable addition in this update is obviously the Infection mode which comes under the Evo ground section. In this article we are going to provide you an overview of the top 5 features of the latest 0.14.0 update. So without further delay, let’s start.

Infection Mode

The Infection Mode is a new event which is an unsymmetrical PvP mode where players are divided into two groups- defenders and zombies. Yeah, you read it right. In this mode the players actually turn into zombies in certain situations. As a zombie, a player has to eliminate as many defenders as possible, but using melee weapon only. And the main task of the players playing as defenders is to stay alive. They can use guns and machete. A defender will turn into zombie if he dies but the zombies gets revived after being killed. The zombies will win if all defenders get infected. But even if a single defender survives the attack of Zombies till the end, the defenders will be victorious.

Revamp of the lobby

The main menu or lobby of the game gets a complete revamp in the latest update. The UI has been made more user-friendly. The buttons are repositioned to make them more easy to access.

New weapon finishes in gun lab

The new update has introduced two fascinating weapon finishes in the gun lab- one is for AKM and the other is for M24. The name of both the finishes is The Seven Seas. Like the previous ones they too are upgradable using Materials and Paints and have additional features like kill effect, kill message and loot crate which could be unlocked via upgrading.

New Pirate theme

The latest update has introduced a brand new Pirate based main theme which is an eye candy for sure. The visuals look intriguing. A new wallpaper based on the new theme for the lobby has also been provided which looks really great. The new items are meticulously designed to accentuate the main theme.

New Character System

The new update also introduced a new character system wherein we see a new character called Victor. Victor gets a unique outfit and has the ability to load SMGs faster than others. This character is available for free and can be unlocked from the Characters section under the Workshop tab.

These new features will certainly be loved by the PUBG fandom. Though I feel some bugs are glitches are still present in the game which are pretty annoying and need to be fixed soon. Barring those, the developers have done a decent job with this new update.

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